For Fans of Classic TV Comedy:

"Mr. Adams and Eve:
Ida Lupino Howard Duff" (Illustrated)

By Mary Ann Anderson

Forward by Ida Lupino

Available January 15, 2011 ~ Published by BearManor Media

Book Excerpt:

Show Memories With Ida Lupino

Mr. Adams and Eve “The original pilot made by Four Star was later shown in the series and titled, ‘The Academy Award.’

This episode had a great scene, showing a room with two towels hanging on a towel rack. Howard’s towel is labeled HIS and Eve’s towel displays a full-sized Oscar.

This gives the television viewer an idea who is the bigger wheel around the house and the original plot of the series. I play a very temperamental actress in the series.”                                       
Mr. Adams and EveWritten by Mary Ann Anderson, Miss Lupino's long-time friend and assistant, this book highlights this vintage comedy TV show and features rare photo stills of the show’s cast and crew.

Everything you want to know about this classic comedy from creation to cancellation and more, including:
  • Details of Ida and Howard’s stormy marriage
  • Never-before-seen original pilot script, written by Collier Young (Ida’s former husband)
  • Ida Lupino’s Emmy Award Nomination Certificate for this show
  • Interviews with Sol Saks, the show’s writer, and the brilliant comedy star herself, Ida Lupino!

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Mr. Adams and Eve was not a domestic comedy like I Love Lucy,” Ida laughed. “We had neighbors in our show, but we hated them! The only domestic thing about our show was that we were married. All of our love scenes were offbeat. They were not the ‘Darling, I love you’ type.”

“I was totally captivated with television. I took an active interest in the production of Mr. Adams and Eve, the set designs, and public relations. We were up against Bob Hope’s hour-long show, so we had to work extra hard . . . .”

“ . . . . I enjoyed the fast pace of television and working with the different guest stars—Niven, Powell, and my dear friend, Francis Robinson. We had a great cast and crew. Richard, our director, knew his craft; and we had very talented writers. Sol was a darling! He wrote our scripts the first year. The second year Sol was our script advisor.”

Mr. Adams and Eve “I was furious with CBS for canceling our show! There was no reason for them to cancel it. Mr. Adams and Eve’s ratings were high; the show was upbeat and popular, even with the younger generation. So we made fun of some studio people. Why not? This was a comedy!

When the ratings went down, it was because CBS moved the show to a different night and time. We had incredible guest stars and we made the shows fast. What else could CBS want? Darling, last I heard, they can’t even find the show’s prints!”

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved- Mary Ann Anderson
Mary Ann Anderson

Mary Ann Anderson

Mary Ann Anderson has had a varied and extensive career in the world of show business. She was exposed to the entertainment industry early on as the daughter of Emily McLaughlin, who played nurse Jesse Brewer for more than 25 years in ABC’s “General Hospital.” As an author, Mary Ann has published, “Portrait of a Soap Star: The Emily McLaughlin Story.”

Mary Ann served as conservator for Ida Lupino, the actress and director, from 1984 to 1995. Many Brentwood

residents who lived on Old Oak Lane recall the time Miss Lupino set her mailbox on fire. She also delighted in watering her lawn and the neighbors -- not the neighbors’ lawns, but the neighbors!

Through her association with Miss Lupino, Mary Ann met many other legends of “Old Hollywood,” such as Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine, Barbara Hale and Marie Windsor. Mary Ann has been instrumental in bringing the stories of Ida Lupino to AE’s Biography and Jeffrey Hunter to E!’s Mysteries and Scandals, by researching, writing and appearing in them. She also worked on the Ida Lupino Paper Doll Book, released this spring by Paper Studio Press.

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